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The ordered can be for mail in the store or collection point. When you receive an SMS from Posten / Post nord that the parcel is on its way, you will also receive an offer to order delivery on the door from them. You can then order a delivery directly to boxn on their website and you will not have to go to the post office to pick up your item.

There is a unique master code for each lock that will be able to unlock the lock through the keyboard on boxn. If you do not have access to this code, you can contact us and we will help you open boxn.

We operate with a return solution. If you as a customer no longer want boxn or you are moving and do not have the opportunity to bring it with you, we can buy the box back from you. We will then either recycle it or restore it and give it a new life with another customer.

All boxn models come with the functions of a regular mailbox.

Then you can contact customer service and they can then block the chip you have lost and order a new RFID for you. (reprograming the boxn remotely at the same time)

Boxn can easily receive several deliveries on the same day if there is room for all the items inside. Since each opening of boxn can be tracked and logged, the items will not…

The reason why boxn must have a subscription to work is because it must communicate just like a mobile. Boxn talks to the driver and gives you as a customer a receipt by SMS that the parcel has been delivered. If the temperature inside boxn gets too hot, you will also receive information on your phone so that the food delivery you received there this morning will not be ruined. If all this is to work, boxn must have a SIM card and then the customer must have a subscription for this to work.

For deliveries, the tracking number and barcode on the shipping label/parcel is used to open boxn. These barcodes are unique and therefore only the barcode that belongs to the delivery will work. When boxn is closed again after delivery, the customer and supplier will receive a confirmation that the item has been delivered, either by SMS or e-mail.

It is possible to replace the doors on boxn, maybe you have repainted the house or you are going to take boxn with you to your next place of residence. From time to time we come out with other types of fronts that you can easily mount on the boxn you have.

Yes, if you want it. The boxn can have several rfid pieces and has a master code to open each of the boxes.

boxn sends you a receipt when your package has been delivered, the deliverer also receives a receipt that the package has been delivered. Each delivery code is unique and can therefore be traced back to who scanned it to open boxn for delivery.

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