boxn for housing associations and co-owners

With boxn as their point of receipt, it is signaled that here lives someone who wants to contribute to both the environment and the development of society. boxn has a unique protected design and is made of high-quality materials.


It can be adapted to a variety of materials colors. Our designers have expertise and background from architecture and landscape architecture, so that individual adaptation to your particular home and your local environment is possible.

boxn has a digital lock with an access sharing system for boxes that is adapted to receive both food and larger parcels. With boxn, you do not have to be at home when expecting deliveries, and also avoid unnecessary trips to the post office.

Boxn as a modular system

Adapt the box to how many people live in the building and what your collective needs are.


Comes in several material and configurations. Freestanding or wall integrated.

Smart lock system

A operating panel serves up to 16 locks. When you unlock with your rfid chip, only your dynamically dedicated box opens.

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Control Panel

Easy to understand and use, with both numeric keypad and reader for barcodes, RFID, NFC etc. The package's barcode opens the right box for the courier, it does not get easier and more secure.


For indoor installation of larger systems, boxn is connected to mains power. This operates locks, communication and electronics. Here, lighting can also be integrated if desired.


Each box in your module has its own smart lock. When a package is delivered in the box, the resident waiting for the package will be notified.

The concept for boxn

The solution with open message exchange between all participants in the value chain will provide the most flexible and cost-effective solution possible for the couriers and you as the end user.


Boxn has two-way communication with our servers through a mobile network. If it is installed within your WiFi range, this can also be used.

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* The pictures seen on the website are animations and 3d models of the products. The finished product may vary slightly in appearance.