Increase the value of your rental apartments. Better services contribute to a 40% greater chance of tenancy renewal.

MultiBoxn in rental properties helps to make your rental properties even more attractive and gives you an extra advantage over other landlords.


Control Panel

An 11" touchscreen with a simple and intuitive design makes using Boxn simple and uncomplicated. All the courier needs to do to deliver is to scan the package on the bar code reader and deliver the package in the room that opens. You as a customer receive a message with a code for to retrieve it as soon as the door is closed.

time-independent delivery

With Boxn, time intervals are no longer relevant. Boxn receives the package and acknowledges it. The package is then completely safe until the customer has the opportunity to collect it. This helps to streamline delivery routes and we can also work towards driving even fewer kilometers in last mile home deliveries.


Boxn has solid burglar-proof locks with tracking of open or closed status. When something has been delivered, a status is given and a message is sent immediately.

Smart measurements

Boxn is available in two different depths on the outside. Where there 70 and 50 cm. Our columns with a depth of 70 cm are perfectly suited to the standards used throughout the world. ΒΌ euro pallet is the same as (HxWxD) 40x40x60 cm. If the package is larger than this, it must be processed manually in package sorting and is a deviation from the standard.

Modular system

Boxn is a modular system that can be adapted to the location's requirements and space. When the use of Boxn increases and the capacity is challenged by many deliveries, it can be easily expanded without incurring any major costs for the end customers.

Active cooling and freezing

Boxn has its own columns that are included with both fridge and freezer. 4 rooms per column that maintain a temperature of between -1 and +5 degrees in active cooling and between -15 and -18 degrees in active freezing. Get food delivered straight to your home even when you're not at home, completely safe from the weather, the environment and theft.