Boxn som Klikk og hent løsning!

Boxn is a smart package terminal that can help increase your sales and customer satisfaction. Let customers choose how they receive their orders. 

With a simple dashboard as a user interface, the store can use Boxn without any form of IT integration being required. The cost of getting started is therefore virtually zero. Only short training in use for employees and you are ready to streamline and increase sales. 

If you want integration directly with your sales systems, this is also fully possible, without much cost or time.

MultiBoxn for click and collect

More satisfied customers

With Multiboxn standing in connection with your warehouse or shop contributes to many advantages. Give the store an extra advantage against other competitors. Let customers choose for them self.

Let customers pick up their own parcels at any time:

If Boxn is outside outside their premises, the customer can also pick up their order without having to enter the premises. This contributes to greater security and can give your employees more focus on picking and packing rather than handling the customers who come to pick up goods. It can also contribute to less waiting and irritation among customers.

Get goods delivered overnight:

Med Boxn plassert hos dere kan dere i tillegg til å levere ut varer til kundene motta mindre forsendelser fra leverandørene deres. Over natten leveranser bidrar til mindre kø og dere har varene til åpningstid. Men uten kvittert mottak og sikker oppbevaring er det høy risiko for svinn og tyveri.

Modular system

Our terminals can be adapted to your needs. With a good variety of room sizes and an optional number of columns, Boxn can cover exactly as many customers as you wish. 

Simple or integrated

The system comes with a simple dashboard that allows you to use it right away without any integration costs. Only copy the information from the customer's order into Boxn's server and their order number is used to unlock the correct room. As soon as the package has been scanned and entered into Boxn, the customer receives a collection notification that you can customize according to your own needs. It doesn't get any easier.

A slightly more advanced solution that in the long run will contribute to less manual work for your employees is to integrate Boxn's system with your sales systems. Then you only need to tick the box for the customer to pick up the order themselves in the sales system and all information is automatically sent to Boxn's server.

Information needed from their sales system is:

– Order number (last 4 digits become code)
- Customer's name
- Customer's email
- The customer's telephone number
- What room size the package needs.

In case of further integration

Integrations directly between Boxn's software and the company's sales system are available through webhooks and APIs that do everything automatically. Codes are then sent directly from the sales system to Boxn's server. This requires slightly more integration costs and can also be done at a later stage if it is relevant for the company.