Click and collect with Boxn!

Boxn for click and collect is an income-increasing measure for shops and businesses. Buy Boxn and systems or get the opportunity to lease our products to increase your efficiency and profit. Rooms can be delivered in sizes from 10*40*50 (H*W*D) and up to rooms in which a pallet fits!


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MultiBoxn med Aktiv kjøl

Finally, the MultiBox with active cooling is in place with us. We have long wanted to have these boxes produced and delivered as this gives Boxn another dimension when it does

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Boxn + Vipps

Boxn has now been integrated with Vipps as a payment solution for subscriptions! To make it as easy as possible for our customers, we have now received Vipp's payment in the till

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Do you want Boxn?

Contact us for a leasing agreement! From NOK 2,000 per month, including free use for all residents in the housing association.

Boxn gives you freedom

Stop waiting for deliveries or picking up packages in the postoffice. boxn issues a receipt on your behalf and frees you from having to wait at home for the courier. You can even send items to others and return items to online stores directly and easily from boxn.

Boxn is safe

Takes care of your deliveries in two separatly locked rooms. Protects against climate, cold and heat. Solid built quality.


A modular system that can be adapted to your needs and wishes. Decide for yourself how many rooms and the size of the rooms. We can deliver boxes that can accept pallets, food and everything else.

Boxn communicates

Boxn has two way communication and sends delivery notifications and receipts to you, the courier and the sender. It also monitors its own status and temperatures and sends warnings if necessary.

Why boxn

As a paying customer, I figured that home delivery on my terms would be a good idea. Based on this I built a box with a code padlock and room for parcels. Placed it outside our house and wrote in the message box in the online check-out that I wanted my package delivered there. Don't call me!

Time and time again I was called and asked if I was at home and could receive the package. Not at home, the package was taken to the post-in-store (POS) and the extra payment for home delivery was a waste. New trip to POS, stand in line and transport my own package the last mile.

This led to the idea of boxn, my personal butler right outside my own front door. One who could give the courier a receipt for the delivered package and take care of it for me until it fits into my schedule to take it in. Boxn is also well suited for food, with insulation against extreme temperature fluctuations. The size is also adapted to food deliveries. This also makes life easier for the couriers who will deliver to me, they can come when it suits them best and not fumble around with a mobile phone while driving, to call me and ask if I am home. My own POS!

Espen Boger, Co-founder of boxn

Are you ready for a simplified life?

Join us for the simplification of your everyday life. Pre-order boxn now!

Boxn for everyone: end customer, distributor and supplier.

Boxn is designed to receive or return mail, packages, food and other items. It is suitable for both companies and private households in all types of buildings and outdoor areas, and can be shared between several users. Boxn gives you a simpler everyday life with efficient coordination of all deliveries and returns, which in turn provides an environmental benefit.

The possibilities you get with boxn

Order items delivered directly to boxn

We are constantly working to get more webshops to include delivery to boxn in their check-outs and our goal is for you to be able to order everything you buy online straight home to boxn.

Order delivery from post in store (POS)

We set up distribution from POS, until most send their goods all the way home to you.

Order return of a commodity

With boxn your returns will be safe and secure. You will receive an electronic receipt that the item has been picked up and you will not have to go to the nearest post office.

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What our customers say

It is pure bliss not having to shop for dinner. We order online weekly menues in pre-packed grocery boxes for the family of 2 adults and 2 children. No need to be at home with Boxn located outside our house. It monitors the temperature, secures against animals and notifies me when the goods arrive. No more shopping trips with whining kids after kindergarten or waiting for items between 18.00 and 22.00 Now I can use my time as I want for the benefit of the family

Tor, 39 Asker

I was tired of having to adapt my days to the driving pattern and schedules of the couriers in addition to finding ordered goods on the doormat if I was not at home at the time of delivery, or items was "lost in transit." We buy a lot online. With boxn placed right outside the door, I have much more freedom in my everyday schedule. Straight home in to boxn, safely and efficiently.

Maren, 22 Hønefoss