About boxn

Boxn is developed by Konseptboks AS. We want to innovate the value chain for end point delivery, private individual or company, regardless. You should have a better opportunity to order larger packages or food where you want, without having to be present at the time of delivery. Our products are developed in close collaboration with end customers, distributors and suppliers.

Our story

We are developing Boxn, tomorrow's mailbox, which coordinates food deliveries, other home orders and mail. Boxn is a secure and temperature-insulated delivery point which means that private individuals no longer need to be at home when the delivery arrives. Our survey among households shows that 60% think it is a big obstacle to have to be at home when goods are delivered to the door, and 58% of respondents state that they would shop more online if they didn't have to go to the post office in store.

Boxn makes home delivery safe, easy and time-saving for the end customer, and can contribute to growth in home delivery and increased sales for suppliers. At the same time, the solution will provide major benefits for the distributor in the form of route optimisation, shorter stops per customer, more favorable working hours and less waste.

Part of the product is an access sharing system with functions that ensure security and control over the delivery. To accommodate this, access will be able to be controlled remotely to give access to couriers and other carriers. The cash register must also be able to register when something is delivered, be able to send a notification to the customer's user and ensure logging in the distributor's systems. It can also simplify the process around the return of goods by directly notifying the carrier when the return goods are placed in Boxn. The box must be able to be placed in all types of housing.

We have agreements of intent on cooperation in development with several food suppliers, technology development companies and distributors. The team consists of two industrial economists from NTNU, two experienced architects, a system developer and several previously successful founders. We have a strong focus on contact with the market, have foundation skills and a network in the construction industry.

The sale of the products has started.

Who are we

Espen Boger

General Manager and business developer

Entrepreneur and MSc in Economics, Espen Boger, has experience from building up the start-up company Forbrukerkraft as to a turnover of 500 million and 80,000 customers. Position as Network manager in EGN Norway has also given him a broad network among decision-makers in Norway.

Email: Espen@boxn.no
Phone: 91122089

Ellen Boger

Design and operational routines

Architect with many years of experience in the construction industry and is experienced in seeing opportunities in rooms and outdoor areas. Master's in project management from BI in 2015. She works with the design of the boxes to best fit in the areas around houses and blocks. She also has a broad network in the housing industry and will be able to sell the concept to new buildings in addition to existing buildings. Long experience from running a limited company.

Email: Ellen@boxn.no
Phone: 97704422

Arthur Kimmels

Technical development, hardware and firmware

An experienced engineer with expertise in electronics and computer technology works with further development of locking systems, battery life, solar panels and the possibilities for seamless integration with existing platforms.


Email: Arthur@boxn.no

Jonas Boger

Product- and business developer

Bachelor in economics and business law and with media and web experience. Business development and product development in collaboration with partners in connection with production and collaboration agreements. 

Email: Jonas@boxn.no
Phone: 98898814


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