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There are major changes in the retail trade and the shopping pattern of consumers. We publish news and articles that cover everything from our products and what we can offer, to news about product deliveries and trends in the market

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Boxn at Bygg Reis Deg!

I samarbeid med Sesam.tech er Boxn med på Bygg Reis Deg messen 2021. Sesam.tech er en satsning på digitale løsninger til morgendagens bygg. De selger

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Package theft is on the rise

Theft of packages from the stairs to customers has long been a major problem in many countries. Now that more and more people want it to be delivered home here in Norway as well

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Boxn featured in Kapital

In this year's Easter issue of the magazine Kapital you can read more about Boxn. Kapital has had an interview with our general manager Espen Boger. You can read the article on page 174

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Contactless deliveries

The summer is coming to an end, but life with home office and coronavirus still does not seem to be over. Several places in the media we read about...

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