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There are major changes in the retail trade and the shopping pattern of consumers. We publish news and articles that cover everything from our products and what we can offer, to news about product deliveries and trends in the market

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Contactless deliveries

The summer is coming to an end, but life with home office and coronavirus still does not seem to be over. Several places in the media we read about...

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The new everyday life

The virus has now ravaged for a long time, we have all noticed it on us and the majority of us have changed our habits. There are more

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A good idea, but is it safe?

ehandel.com writes an article about the post office's new solution for returning parcels directly from the mailbox. The idea is good, but how big is the risk?

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The time has come for smart mailboxes!

Soon everything can be bought online and delivered home. Fewer city dwellers take driver's licenses, tolls increase, car sharing can solve some of the planned transport needs. What about shopping trips, and picking up items and packages, etc.? The time has come for a smart mailbox!

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