Value chain for Online purchases of physical goods

Value chain for Online purchases of physical goods – according to Boxn tm 

At Boxn we believe that by organizing the end point for the customers, it can be possible to balance the power in the value chain. The value chain can be divided into 3 parts. Seller (web shop) – recipient (Customer) – and the delivery. Web shops exist in the millions, distributors in the thousands, whereas customers in the billions. 

The value chain of online purchases is driven by the laws of large numbers. webshops need to sell as much as they can, therefore often offer free delivery when shopping for over “xx NOK”. Distributors need to deliver as many packages in the shortest amount of time and shortest amount of kilometres driven. 

Amazon aggregates web shops under their own umbrella to be a more dominant factor. Distributors protect their interests by having specific demands on e.g. shipping labels etc. 

today has a big bottleneck with timeslots making deliveries not as efficient as it could

Customers operate unprotected as they are a large undisciplined flock of unorganized individuals. They purchase based on subjective decisions and some actually believe in the misnomer “Free freight”?!

They do not realise that they are actually paying for the merchandise, the freight and the profits. The profits that make Jeff Bezos of Amazon one of the world’s richest men. 

A unified parcel and post delivery box for every person and business. It may be dynamic and not fixed to your address, but must be on your terms. 

Boxn should be at your home, but also at your place of business, in public parks or wherever you deem most convenient for your particular purchase on this particular day, from any web shop in the universe.

Boxn can eliminate: 

  • the possibility of parcels “falling of the truck”
  • non-delivery trips
  • theft from the doorstep
  • fraudulent claims of non-delivery from dishonest customers
With Boxn the bottleneck with timeslots will be removed as it can receive deliveries 24/7

All of the above and in addition simplify and expedite returns, enable circular economy through real per-to-per possibilities, reduce contact and spreading of virus and be a viable platform for recycling of packaging. 

Boxn believes in balancing the power in the value chain. Making it more efficient and profitable to all the participants in the value chain.  

Changes to the value chain will happen.

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