Infoside for alle beboere hos SIO Kringsjå

Boxn er et mottakspunkt som dere kan bestille pakker til gjennom alle butikker Helthjem leverer for. Gjennom denne piloten ønsker vi å endre hvordan hjemlevering og last mile fungerer i først og fremst det norske markedet, men også det internasjonale. 

Ved spørsmål, feedback eller andre ting er det bare å ta kontakt med oss via kontaktskjemaet, sende e-post til eller ringe oss på 90224170

Why boxn

As a paying customer, I figured that home delivery on my terms would be a good idea. Based on this I built a box with a code padlock and room for parcels. Placed it outside our house and wrote in the message box in the online check-out that I wanted my package delivered there. Don't call me!

Time and time again I was called and asked if I was at home and could receive the package. Not at home, the package was taken to the post-in-store (POS) and the extra payment for home delivery was a waste. New trip to POS, stand in line and transport my own package the last mile.

This led to the idea of boxn, my personal butler right outside my own front door. One who could give the courier a receipt for the delivered package and take care of it for me until it fits into my schedule to take it in. Boxn is also well suited for food, with insulation against extreme temperature fluctuations. The size is also adapted to food deliveries. This also makes life easier for the couriers who will deliver to me, they can come when it suits them best and not fumble around with a mobile phone while driving, to call me and ask if I am home. My own POS!

Espen Boger, Co-founder of boxn


We have gathered together some of the questions our customers are wondering.

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We operate with a return solution. If you as a customer no longer want boxn or you are moving and do not have the opportunity to bring it with you, we can buy the box back from you. We will then either recycle it or restore it and give it a new life with another customer.

All boxn models come with the functions of a regular mailbox.

Then you can contact customer service and they can then block the chip you have lost and order a new RFID for you. (reprograming the boxn remotely at the same time)

Boxn can easily receive several deliveries on the same day if there is room for all the items inside. Since each opening of boxn can be tracked and logged, the items will not…