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Boxn's smart parcel terminals can be used for many things. Our terminals are designed to be used both outdoors and indoors. Right at home with the end customers, in the backyard or indoors in the garage. The terminal's system can also be easily integrated with stores' sales systems, which means that they can be used as a click and collect solution standing outside the premises of the store.

Boxn gives you

Modular system

Boxn is a modular system that can be adapted to the site's requirements and space. When the use of Boxn increases and the capacity is challenged by many deliveries, it can be expanded without incurring any major costs for the end customers.

Smart measurements

Boxn is available in two different external depths, 50 and 70 cm. Our columns with a depth of 70 cm are uniquely adapted to international standards. ΒΌ euro pallet is the same as (WxD) 40x60 cm. If the package is larger than this, it must be processed manually in package sorting and is a deviation from the standard.


With two-way communication, Boxn talks directly with both customers and carriers. With full traceability for deliveries, receipt on delivery, reminders for undelivered packages and direct messages to customers, you get a pick-up point that has a full overview for all parties and no one can blame others for errors in deliveries, packages that have disappeared or customers who are not at home

time-independent delivery

With Boxn, time intervals have no meaning. Boxn receives the package and acknowledges it. The package is then safely stored until the customer collects it. This helps to make delivery routes more efficient and we can also work towards driving even fewer kilometers in last mile home deliveries.

The package opens the room

Our terminals are equipped with a touch screen and a barcode reader. The system has been developed so that the correct compartment is opened from the package's barcode or order number. Bud therefore does not need any special training for parcel deliveries. Only scan the package at the correct terminal and deliver. The customer receives a notification that the delivery has been completed and a collection code as soon as the door is closed.

Refrigerate and freeze

Our terminals can be supplied with separate columns for active cooling and freezing. The columns with active cooling maintain a temperature of -1 to +5 degrees Celsius and the columns with active freezing maintain a temperature of -15 to -18 degrees Celsius. With these columns, which can be connected directly to our standard columns, you get even more out of the cupboard and food deliveries can be made safely and easily for all parties.

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