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Boxn is a large or small Pick up drop of (PUDO) specially designed and adapted to your needs to receive both mail, packages and groceries. With boxn, you will be freed from having to be at home to meet the courriers when goods are delivered to you. Boxn means that all items can be delivered right to your home instead of stopping at Post in Store(POS).

Boxn gives you

Universal Design

Boxn is suitable for everyone, with its smart height of the drawer, it is universally accessible and ensures HSE for courries with its ideal loading and unloading height.

Carefully considered size

Boxn contains a regular mailbox, parcel delivery and delivery of food in one and the same box. Two separately locked compartments in addition to the mailbox provide great flexibility. Internal dimensions of the box follow the European standard for 1/4 euro pallet, which is the same as Norwegian Load Carrier Pools transport boxes of 40x60 cm.


With two-way communication, boxn knows in advance the code for the packages you are expecting, so that no shipments can be delivered incorrectly. It acknowledges receipt and notifies you when it has received deliveries, monitors temperatures and sends a receipt for delivery to sender. It is recognized as a parcel terminal by the tracking number on the shipping label.


Boxn contributes to the environmental benefits of less traffic, dust, noise and emissions. Boxn allows distributors to streamline their driving routes through our own system for super-optimization of routes, by cross-switching shipments while delivery is no longer dependent on a time window where you are at home. In addition, it provides increased traffic safety in that drivers do not have to communicate directly with the recipient while driving.


Two-way communication and a dynamic assignment of codes, as well as ongoing software upgrades make monthly subscriptions part of the solution. Subscription prices from only 149, - a month! Cost per delivery / pickup on a sliding scale based on volume and self-selected preferences. 

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