Boxn skal signalisere at her bor det noen som er med på fremtidsrettede og samtidig vil bidra til miljøet. Boxn er laget av høykvalitets materialer.


It is adapted to your home with a varied choice of materials and colours. Our designers have expertise and background from architecture and landscape architecture, so that individual adaptation to your particular home and your local environment is possible.

Boxn has a digital lock with a system for access sharing of boxes that can receive both food and larger parcels. With boxn, you will not have to be at home when goods are delivered, and also avoid unnecessary trips to the post office.


Control Panel

Easy to understand and use, with both numeric keypad and barcode reader, RFID, NFC etc. The barcode on the shipping label on the parcel opens boxn for the courier. Secure, simple, foolproof and easy.

Power and solar cells

boxn does not need a separate power supply. The solar panel on boxn generates enough power to operate locks, communications and electronics throughout the year.


Boxn has two locks that can be controlled separately from a combined control panel. One lock for the insulated drawer at the top and one for the mail and parcel box. In this way, one can even share with a good neighbor.

Weight and Measures

Dimensions (DWH): 77.5 x 71 x 138.5 cm
Weight: about 40 kg. - Bolted to the base or wall.

The concept for boxn

The solution with an open API where the message exchange must be possible between all participants in the value chain, in order to get the most flexible and cost-effective solution possible for you as an end user.


Boxn currently uses 2g GSM sim from our partner TELIA Next for M2M communication to and from. boxn is designed to be able to use the Narrowband IoT solutions that are now being rolled out, it can also be online via your local wifi.

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