Two-way communication and a dynamic assignment of codes, as well as ongoing software upgrades make a monthly subscription part of the solution. Subscription prices adapted to your use! Rollover on deliveries is included in all our subscriptions. Boxn's subscription does not cover additional shipping costs from distributors.

subscription for everyone

Our cheapest subscription. This includes 2 deliveries per week or 8 deliveries per month. And with rollover, you can save up to 8 deliveries extra for the following month.

Subscription medium

This is adapted for those who like to shop online without having to stop by the post office to pick up the goods. With 4 deliveries per week or 16 deliveries per month included.

The subscription for the shopaholics

With this you get 8 deliveries per week or 32 deliveries per month. You can have everything you buy delivered directly to boxn and not have to go to stores or the post office at all!

Custom subscription

If you are a company or private customer who needs a subscription with even more deliveries per week, please contact us. We will then customize a subscription for you.

VIP Deal

In our eyes, all our customers are VIP customers. When you have a valid subscription with us, you get all the software updates and follow-up from us at no extra cost.

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* The pictures seen on the website are animations and 3d models of the products. The finished product may vary slightly in appearance.